By Mirielle Chambers

Chocolate, cookies, and candy…Oh my… From coffee to cupcakes and icing to ice cream, everything looks mouth-wateringly good enough to eat. Don’t sink your teeth in quite yet because we’re not actually describing anything edible. We’re talking about our newest accessory designer obsession, Q-Pot.

What does Q-Pot mean exactly? ‘Q’ could stand for “questions”. In fact, Q-Pot is like a big pot of mysterious questions, and only the designer himself knows exactly what’s going to pop out. ‘Q’ could also stand for “quality,” that is, the selection of high quality materials they use to manufacture their products in Japan.
q pot jewelry vanichi
The Japanese designer has a passion for making sugary pieces that spread positivity not only to the one wearing the piece, but also to the observer. Their goal is to promote peace by spreading joy through treats that make you smile. There’s nothing quite like the bliss of a sugar high.
Those in Japan can visit the Q-Pot Café and make reservations in The Se”Q”ret Room to enjoy some actual edible goodies. For now, the cafe is only located in Japan but the company hopes for a US expansion. They also recently partnered up with Meiji, the largest chocolate company in Japan, to design unique packaging for a special edition of Meiji chocolate called Meiji x Q-Pot.
Q-Pot’s quirky, adorable and unique designs might just let your inner child have cake and eat it, too.
MIRIELLE CHAMBERS is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma’s broadcasting program and enjoys making things from scratch, whether it be radio commercials, video promotions, or written stories. She spent several years as an on-air producer for top morning radio program “Jack and Ron” and continues to work freelance out of Colorado, making radio and TV commercials, writing scripts, articles, and stories, and editing music for elite figure skaters, dancers, and cheerleaders. In addition to her work in areas of communication, Mirielle is also a competitive figure skater. In her free time, she likes to create other things from scratch like clothes and skating dresses, baked desserts, and home cooked meals.