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As the founder of, media planner and buyer Kirsten Woodwards shares her devotion to simplicity, embracing her innate beauty and staying effortlessly chic.

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Occupation: Media Planner + Buyer

Loci: Kent, United Kingdom

IN HER OWN WORDS: “I like to keep it simple. I love clean-cut lines, block colours and delicate accessories. I wouldn’t say that simple has to mean boring, though. I still incorporate different subtle patterns, prints and textures from time to time; but ultimately I like to keep my style feminine and chic.

I’m not the kind of girl to be in your face all the time making a lot of noise, so I definitely think that my style also reflects that. I love to wear feminine colours and shapes, which comes down to the fact that I’ve become so much more girly as I’ve got older. I’ve learned to appreciate femininity, and so I love pretty clothing whether it be florals or pastel colours. Keeping my outfits classy is really important to me as well, and that also comes across in how I like to portray myself as a person. But of course, with all of this I want to keep my style young, fresh and fun; the kind of girl I want to be.

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I used to really hate my height, I’m quite short and I didn’t like it. I would spend so much time trying to think of how I could make myself taller. It actually started to get a bit out of control how much I was hung up on it. I even researched into limb-lengthening; that’s when you know it’s bad. So one thing I have to say is, thank goodness for heels!

I don’t mind my height anymore, I’ve learned to accept it; after all it makes up part of who I am so I should be grateful. Yet, I definitely use the way I dress to help enhance my legs. Wearing heels helps to give the illusion of lengthening them.

Also different styles of skirts and trousers can be used to manipulate how tall I look, too. For example, opting for high-waisted bottoms, long lines like a maxi skirt or wearing shorter styles elongate me. I tend not to wear midi lengths, as I worry that this will give the impression of cutting off the length of my legs. One other simple trick I always do is tucking my shirts into either my trousers, shorts or skirts. By doing this it shows the full length from my waist to feet. If I wore longer tops over my trousers then this would again mask where my legs actually start, making me look even shorter than I am.

As much as we shouldn’t judge people for the way they look, it ultimately is the first thing you may notice about someone. So knowing how to adapt your style to all situations will definitely enhance that area of your life.”

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