Vanichi covers Travel x Luxury for its latest curated issue.

We are constant explorers. For this and many other reasons, Vanichi covers Travel x Luxury for its latest curated issue. Stories included in this issue include an in-depth interview with filmmakers/models (yes, you got that hyphenate right) Rodney Charles and Yasmin  Rams. This power couple is newly wed and our feature on them entitled “I Married Adventure” is accompanied by a gorgeous accessories story photographed on location at Schoos Design. In this garden oasis, Balinese themes blend with Africa, koi, boas and exotic birds and an endless orchid collection. the subject of another editorial. We sat down with artist/designer Thomas Schoos to discuss luxury, design and the innate human connection to the natural world.

We also experience teas from Hugo’s Restaurants, chocolate art from Spain’s Alice Bentley Chocolates, Sweden’s Vifa Speakers, Vanichi’s Beauty Gift Guide curated by our Beauty Director, Barbara Yniguez, handcrafted luxury travel accessories from Clark and Madison, tips on staying sartorial during extensive jetsetting from Janoffery Clark and much more. Since we’re keeping this type of company, we couldn’t help but introduce our #CreativeJetSetTour, an 18-month world tour that Team Vanichi will be embarking upon starting January 2016.

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vanichi covers travel x luxury

Vanichi is featuring two covers for Travel x Luxury: one photographed by Sara Swaty featuring Rodney Charles and Yasmin Rams at Schoos Design and one photographed by Angel V. Prado featuring Caitlin from LA Models. Scroll below for full credits, a note from our Editor-In-Chief, Joy Donnell and some behind the scenes moments from the photo shoot.

[divider]A NOTE FROM OUR EDITOR[/divider]

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We’re more interconnected than ever before in human history. The world is literally at our fingertips. Through social media and technology, someone in Brazil can instantly connect with someone in Bangladesh. Yet, the idea of traveling the world is still a romantic notion in modern times. The world traveler, that person who pursues their wanderlust, is a magical creature similar to unicorns or dragons. We find their stories of mountains, deserts, salt plains and deep sea exploration fascinating, inspiring and, sometimes, unattainable.

Travel expands the mind because it expands the world view. It is difficult to find a person who travels extensively and still holds on to prejudices and bigotry. It’s rare to find a passionate globetrotter who doesn’t possess a deep appreciation for the planet and life’s intricacies.

Vanichi‘s Travel x Luxury issue pays homage to the journey of a well-curated life. No one can see the world from their living room. No one can truly experience a place and its peoples through a TV screen, alone.

While traveling isn’t an option for all of us, for many it’s a matter of choice that we don’t realize we can choose. We daydream about far off places, exotic food and different cultures. It starts with a step. Deciding to take one single step is the difference between Walter Mitty and Marco Polo.

Keep rising!

Joy Donnell

Editor-In-Chief, Vanichi Magazine

[divider]COVER CREDITS[/divider]

COVER Featuring Rodney Charles and Yasmin Rams

Producer – Joy Donnell –

Photography – Sara Swaty –
Styling – Kiley Ogle –
Makeup x Grooming – Mandy Perez –
Photography Assistant – Sussan Yeo  – @sussanshiokshiokyeo
Animal Wrangling – SCHOOS DESIGN
Retouching x Art Direction x Post-Production – Marcus Christopher – DELTAGRAM@deltagramstudio

Photographed on location at SCHOOS DESIGN

Craft services provided by HUGO’S RESTAURANTS@hugosrestaurants

Clothing: Men’s Blazer by MANLY COLLECTIONS@manlycollections, Dress and Feather + Mongolian Lambs Wool Cape from LA MAISON DE FASHION – @lamaisondefashions, Ring and Earrings by AMMANII Jewelry – @byammanii

COVER Featuring Caitlin from LA Models

Photography – Angel V Prado –
Styling – Evelyn Cota –
Hair Stylist – Hugo Urias –
Makeup – Robert Bryan –
Model – Caitlin – LA Models – @caitlinmispagel
Clothing: hat and necklace from PBR STUDIO, UP AND UP athletic bandage

[divider]BEHIND THE SCENES[/divider]

Here are some BTS moments from our cover shoot with Rodney Charles and Yasmin Rams at Schoos Design. You’ll get a peek at some gorgeous birds, a beautiful boa, Sara Swaty, Sussan Yeo and Mandy Perez as well as some craft services from Hugo’s Restaurants.
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