By Jessica Reinhardt

As his name has become synonymous with perfection, fashion photographer Ricardo Urroz shares how he gets to the heart of raw emotion.
Raw, captivating and full of sensual emotion, the work of Mexico City-based and internationally published fashion photographer, Ricardo Urroz, is far from unimpressive. His bold choices and quirky use of movement, texture and mood compete with the upper echelons in the fashion world. I first opened pandora’s box when I discovered his spread titled, “Beast,” which was nothing short of true to its title.
With strong lines and raw emotion, this series is just one of many that is impossible to forget. Urroz has shot editorials for the likes of Vogue, Esquire, Elle, Glamour, Cream and Arsenic. Nevertheless, he remains modest when speaking about his work and how he continually finds inspiration everywhere. “The simplest, most common things can serve you as inspiration. The amazing thing about imagination
is that you only need the trigger in order for the imagination to kick in and fill in the blanks.”
Urroz grew up in the heart of Mexico and relocated to the United States to study filmmaking in New York. His passion for the camera and cinema simply began with his appreciation of the beauty of the female form. In college, photography workshops peaked his interest and he moved from wedding photography to fashion. He drew inspiration some of the greats like Helmet Newton, Peter Lindberg and Richard Avedon. His journey has now lead him to become one of the top photographers hailing from Mexico and his talent is being respected at the same level as the famous Gilles Bensimon, Jorge Duque and Julia Y Renata.
dover cover ricardo urroz

dove photographed by Ricardo Urroz for VANICHI.

He sets his work apart by crystallizing emotion until the image is unforgettable. “For me, a photo can’t be memorable without transmitting something. I believe fashion photography has to be about fashion and emotions and less about technique.”
Yet, Urroz is not forcing this idea or feeling. He accomplishes it by truly connecting with his subject. Within that trusted bond, real moments naturally emerge. The connection also helps him adapt and readapt his story as the shoot organically develops.
“Sometimes in the fashion world people are afraid of shooting something different therefore a lot of stories are alike,” Urroz reveals. Risky and out of the norm ideas are what makes his work truly eye catching and unbelievably fearless. Through his lens, Urroz eagerly gives us a front row seat into his individuality with every vision captured.
JESSICA REINHARDT hails from New York and has an undeniable passion for story telling, fashion and music. She has worked for Buffalo’s art newsweekly “Artvoice” publishing articles on electronic music acts such as Lotus and Datsik. Since moving to LA, she has dabbled in the film scene doing red carpet interviews at Arena Cinemas Theater in Hollywood. Some of her notable interviews include Sam Trammel from True Blood and Nick Krause from Boyhood. In her free time she enjoys modeling, acting and any thing that allows for creativity.