Mega Stylist Ali Levine Talks Trends, Rocker Chic and 4 the Love Sessions at Gibson Showroom

On the warm Thursday night of May 11th in Beverly Hills, mega stylist Ali Levine teamed up with Vanichi Magazine and Omnes Records to create something special: 4 The Love Sessions. The event was produced by OPG, an experiential event collaboration between Omnes Records and Parajin Media Corp which publishes Vanichi.

The Vanichi creative team brought forth a live fashion installation that featured global designers with deep stories of knowledgeable supply chains, handcrafted elements and innovative techniques. Ali came on board as the sole stylist for the evening and perfected the looks that happened in front of the live audience.

olivia pierson ali levine gibson 4tlsessions

A guest, Olivia Pierson and Ali Levine share a moment at 4 The Love Sessions at Gibson Showroom Beverly Hills. Source: INSTAGRAM

Anointed “stylist to the stars”, Ali Levine acquired her sense of style through a combination of her New York roots and inspiration from her stylish grandmother. Her work has been featured in everything from Bello to Vogue Italia and her style tips have been featured in USA Today, The New York Times and FabFitFun. She has styled advertising campaigns, had her work featured in Kanye West’s World Throne Tour and X-Men First Class, as well as on the bodies of many notables hitting red carpets around the world.

During 4 The Love Sessions’ live fashion editorial presented by Vanichi, Ali perfected “Rocker Chic” looks that wear edgy, funky and fun while drawing from the musical environment of Gibson’s showroom. Two designers that took center stage via Ali’s styling was KONPLOTT designer Miranda Konstantinidou and AMMANII Jewelry by Amany Shakur. Ali dives into what she loves about emerging designers, her ideas of luxury and edgy style, her must haves for summer and why she believes in giving back. Scroll below to read the full interview and watch Ali on the red carpet with red carpet hosts Papa Joe and Latricia Renee via KNEKT.TV.

Q: First and foremost, why are you passionate about fashion?

I am extremely passionate about fashion because I believe it’s within me. I live and breathe fashion.

I always say, “confidence is your best accessory”.

I love that when I style with fashion, I give people that confidence and they fall in love with fashion too and see the beauty in it all. Fashion itself can transform a person. Colors can change your mood, the right outfit can turn your whole day around. I truly love all of this which is why I have a passion for fashion and love bringing that to others as a stylist.

miranda konplott 4 the love sessions fashion vanichi

A sneak preview of the 4 The Love Sessions LIVE fashion editorial with Vanichi that was styled by Ali Levine. Photo: JUHN KWON. Makeup: KAREN BATES-ASHLEY. Hair: MITCHELL CANTRELL. Model: MAURA MCNAMARA of Q Models. Creative Director: JORDAN SWAIN. Jumpsuit: MIRANDA KONSTANTINIDOU. Jewelry: AMMANII. Location: GIBSON SHOWROOM BEVERLY HILLS.

Q: What emerging brands have you recently discovered that have you excited?

I discover new brands every day that’s part of the fun of being a stylist, especially with social media nowadays. Some brands that get me excited lately are Yousefakbar, Attico, Miranda Konstantinidou, Maggie Hewitt, Jeantrix and much more.


Q: What do you love about Miranda Konstantinidou’s designs and why did you want to use her in the 4 The Love Sessions fashion installation at the Gibson?

I love how innovative Miranda always is. The colors, the patterns, the texture, the layers, everything is art and you can see it!! I wanted to use Miranda in the 4 the Love Sessions installation because Miranda’s fashion is art to me in the same ways the Gibson showroom is art in the music form. I saw synergy and loved the idea of merging the two worlds. At the end of the day, music and fashion are both amazing Art.

Q: What do you look for in a limited edition piece? What makes it special to you?

I look for that special quality. That IT factor. Its different every time for me.

Sometimes it’s the fabric, other times the design that’s so limited and timeless, or has that wow statement to them. That one thing that stands out from the rest, I know it when I see it.

Q: How do you define luxury?

I define luxury by the extravagant living. Jewels, Diamonds, furs, designer heels all around. Probably an over haul of shoes! Enjoyment in all the fabulousness you own.

Q: What was the first fashion item you ever splurged on and why? Do you still have the piece?

The first fashion item I ever splurged on was from Guess, and it was a pair of gorgeous brown and textured leather pants and yes of course I still have them! Leather was something luxurious I always wanted to own. Especially brown high-waist leather pants with little bit of texture and tassels. I thought they were the epitome of sexy at that time and so luxury, I had to have them. They made a statement all by themselves.

Q: The theme for that Thursday night was Rocker Chic. How do you define Rocker Chic style?

I define rocker chic, as a little bit of that edge, that edgy fashion to tie in rock, but still classic. Pieces that are still of a classic look, but have statement pieces thrown on the outfit to bring that true rock and edge.

When people hear rocker, they think edgy. What current trends can help people accentuate their inner rocker? For current trends right now, I would say definitely the edgier chokers to wear, the tall knee high boots as well and the bomber jackets.

All bring edge and rocker feeling to your look!


Q: What summer trends are you looking forward to?

For the summer I am very excited about seeing more of the cold shoulder trend, more of the bomber jackets in lighter materials and prints, different styles of chokers and colors, new levels of platform shoes and wedges!


Q: Do you have a “must-have” accessory for summer 2017?

My must have accessory for the summer are sunglasses. Big sunnies, oversized, the bigger the better! Must have!

Q: We are starting to see more consumers caring about how their clothes are sourced and manufactured. Why do you think this has started becoming a bigger focus?

I think people in general are becoming more away of what they are putting in their bodies and what they are putting on their bodies. With social media and online, people can pretty much find out anything. I think consumers are choosing better fabrics for their skin, for the environment, etc. I think we will definitely start to see a shift as more designers go that way.

They also want to do their part in helping the environment and other causes, and fashion can be a step towards doing this as well!

ammanii vanichi 4 the love sessions vanichi

A sneak preview of the 4 The Love Sessions LIVE fashion editorial with Vanichi that was styled by Ali Levine. Photo: JUHN KWON. Makeup: KAREN BATES-ASHLEY. Hair: MITCHELL CANTRELL. Model: RAKAN A of Q Models. Creative Director: JORDAN SWAIN. Jewelry: AMMANII. Location: GIBSON SHOWROOM BEVERLY HILLS.


Q: 4 The Love Sessions also focused on raising funds and awareness for Voices4Freedom and their efforts to free people living in modern enslavement. Why is it important for you to give back?

I was blessed and fortunate to be a part of Voices4Freedom and their efforts to free people and give back.

Personally, I love to give back and help people. I love to be a part of great causes and events whenever I can be. I love giving my time to help others. It honestly makes me feel good inside! That’s why I love styling, I am constantly getting to make others feel good and confident in themselves in and out! It’s an amazing feeling and my styling, and me as a person, I am truly about good vibes, and Voices4Freedom was exactly that!

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