We love fast bites that feed your soul. Discover Shuhari Matcha Cafe in Venice, California’s Abbott Kinney area.

Inside its tranquil Abbott Kinney digs, SHUHARI Matcha Cafe offers balance to those seeking it in a complex world. By now, many people know about the health benefits of green tea from antioxidants to phytonutrients. Yet, the menu offers much more than what you might expect from Japanese green tea. There’s an innovative mingling of classics and modern interpretations. This range elegantly displays the stability and mutability of matcha. A quick look at how the name SHUHARI breaks down illustrates the cafe’s core philosophy:

SHU (守): To savor centuries of tradition
HA (破): To shake things up, break the rules
RI (離): To achieve independence and a new sense of creativity

This is how you move matcha into the future: combine a healthy reverence for tradition with a fearless ability to embrace new ingredients and taste combinations. That fact is immediately evident in SHUHARI’s Pineapple Matcha Sparkler, a quick, chilled and refreshing pick-me-up that has just the right amount of sweetness from the fresh pineapple. It’s energizing without causing shaky extremities and if you love pineapple as much as I do, you could happily start each day with it.

shuhari cafe matcha pork slider

The cafe doesn’t stop at matcha alone. There are also fresh bites such as the Pork Ginger slider with thinly sliced pieces of pork on a bed of cabbage between a fluffy bun. Other slider options include Miso Walnut Pumpkin Salad, Yuzu Miso Avocado, Creamy Ume Chicken and Creamy Wasabi Tuna Heart of Palm. SHUHARI’s toasted bread rolls are additional warm meals ranging from smooth, flavorful Matcha Butter to Strawberry Balsamic Glaze to Matcha Cinnamon Black Sugar.

shuhari cafe matcha sundae berry

For those who love berries, the Berry Symphony Sundae will feel like a gift from the gods. Between the ice cream, the fresh berries and the match powder, you’ll start wondering if the sundae can walk on water. You can easily share it with someone else or just have no shame and keep it all to yourself. I especially enjoyed finishing it with a hot cup of matcha to balance the cold and sweet of the dessert.

shuhari cafe matcha berry sundae abbot kinney

Discover more about SHUHARI Matcha Cafe here or stop by for one of their fast bites that will feed your soul.

SHUHARI Matcha Café
1522 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
Phone: (424) 238-8324