Vanichi covers Public Love Private Life for its latest spring issue.

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Vanichi covers Public Love Private Life in the age of social media and social voyeurism. Between governmental surveillance, social media accounts and selfies as the new self portrait, we all live rather public lives. Photographer Margret Seema Taykar takes this idea to the next level and channels a little Jerry Hall/Mick Jagger energy with her cover editorial, “Public Love.” The story unfolds into a beautiful tale of two enrapturing, beautiful souls having private moments in the public eye.

Scroll below to read our Letter from the Editor and to discover the credits behind this beautiful cover feature.


[divider]LETTER FROM THE EDITOR[/divider]

joy donnell headwrapIn our world, every moment of your life can be as public as you want. Sometimes, your life is public even when you don’t want it be so. This thrills some people and infuriates others. Within that dichotomy is an interesting conversation about what we as a society think should be shared and what should remain private. This conversation becks us to wonder if a moment can be diminished by being exposed. We wonder if public consumption can be too ravenous.

Privacy is almost a luxury item but it does still exist. There are moments that never end up on social media. There are places where no security cameras exist.

Vanichi‘s PUBLIC LOVE PRIVATE LIFE issue looks at the blurred lines. We telescope what we choose to broadcast and what we want to keep secret. We show how we hold on to our most sacred intimate moments despite watchful eyes almost everywhere.

Enjoy and as always, keep rising.

Joy Donnell

Vanichi Magazine, Editor-in-Chief



Gyllti Kötturinn
Instagram: Gylltikotturinn

Photographer/Art Director

Instagram: margretseema
Facebook: Margret Seema Takyar


Jóna Ottesen and Salvör Thorlacius
Facebook: Jóna Elísabet Ottesen / Salvör Thorlacius

Make Up & Hair

Ástrós Erla Benediktsdóttir
Instagram: astroserla
Facebook: astroserlafordun


Anna Lífs Ólafsdóttir and Jón Méndez
Casting: Alexandra Kristjánsdóttir and Eskimo Casting