Inspiring to Jaw-Dropping: Digesting #InternationalWomensDay Stand-Out Stories, Research & Reports

I have to pause and say I am so inspired by the women in my life. My inbox and newsfeed is flooded with so many amazing posts around #InternationalWomensDay. From super inspiring stories to ones that sent my jaw to the floor; I’m grateful to read each and every one. Below, I share my favorites and hope you find them as inspiring and insightful as I do.

It’s true – we have the power to stop the world (both literally and figuratively). If we stop, the world stops.* 

“We women have got plenty of power. We don’t have to be given power. We women have got the $5 trillion of investable assets, we direct 80% of consumer spending, we’re more than half the workforce, we’ve got power. We just need to be activated in order to use it.” 
Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest

Cheers to the women of Spain for that beautiful nugget (more on their incredible actions today below).


After 130 Years, Harvard Law Review Elects a Black Woman President | NYTimes
“Her dream for now is to become a public defender, a goal she set after an eye-opening internship last summer in the public defender’s office in the Bronx.”

The Kitchen Designer Who Helped Women Get Out of the Kitchen | IDEO
You won’t look at your kitchen the same again…

International Women’s Day: ‘Millions’ Join Spain Strike | BBC
“If we stop, the world stops.”

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Next Big Move? The Economic Empowerment of Women | Fast Company
“Melinda Gates announced that the foundation will share $170 million over the next four years to help women exercise their economic power.”

6 Inventions You Wouldn’t Have Without Women | NatGeo
That’s right, Al Gore did not invent the internet or W-Fii.


7 Resources to Make Your Stories More Inclusive | ijnet
A great digest of resources for men and women to source expertise.

Inclusion Riders in Tech | Medium
Let’s get every industry on board with this!


AKA things to get fired up & possibly mad about… 


What Do These Kids Understand that Your Boss Doesn’t? | The Finance Sector Union of Norway 
This video sums up gender equity – through the eyes of children.

Why the Line for the Women’s Bathroom Is so Long | TED
A great summary on the need to create spaces for people to live their best lives.

Talking Periods in Public | NPR
A really honest piece about what it means to be a woman.


Women We Overlooked in 167 Years of New York Times Obituaries | NYTimes 
“The vast majority chronicled the lives of men, mostly white ones; even in the last two years, just over one in five of our subjects were female.”

International Women’s Day by the numbers | LATimes
A global look at issues impacting women.

The Male Glance: How We Fail to Take Women’s Stories Seriously | The Guardian
A breakdown of the language that devalues women’s work and uplifts mens.

How We’re Doing: The Voices of Women of Color are Missing from U.S. Newsrooms | Ms.
A great summary of the Women’s Media Center’s Report on the status of women in media.

We Asked Men and Women to Wear Sensors at Work. They Act the Same but Are Treated Very Differently | HBR
Spoiler Alert: “Gender inequality is due to bias, not differences in behavior.” So why are women not treated the same?

Lots of Men Are Gender-Equality Allies in Private. Why Not in Public? | HBR
“Allies need three traits in order to create institutional changes to support gender diversity: First, as majority stakeholders, they have insider knowledge of the organization. Second, they show genuine understanding of the cost of inequality for everyone (not to mention the organizational bottom line). Finally, they demonstrate an honest commitment to what is right and just.”


Can you help? 

Come on Over the Content is Great | Gender Avenger
I wrote this piece for Gender Avenger and learned something interesting… there has not been any comprehensive research on women’s conferences –  for example how many take place each year, the economic impact, number of speakers across these events, etc.I am digging deeper into this and would love to connect with anyone you think can contribute to this topic. Contact me at

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