Vanichi presents The Earl Grey Martini Tea Cocktail recipe via Om Nom Kitchen

Om Nom’s new cocktail range design in collaboration with renowned cocktail mixologist Grant Collins delights the imagination. We asked them for one of their favorite tea recipes and they shared The Earl Grey Martini. Add this recipe to your “startender” repertoire and you’ll wow every summer party with your mixology skills.
The Earl Grey Martini is available at Om Nom for $20 AUS.

[divider]EARL GREY MARTINI[/divider]

ingredients + recipe:
Earl Grey Martini by Om Nom Kitchen & Dessert Bar
There are two parts to this recipe:
1 – Making the foam
2 – Making the cocktail
[divider]1. Making the foam [/divider]
Ingredients: (makes 2 Litres)
3 sheets of gelatine
4 tablespoons Earl Grey tea
700 ml sugar syrup
250ml cold water
1. Place 3 sheets of gelatine in 250 mls of cold water to soften
2. Combine 4 table spoons of Earl Grey tea and 700 mls of sugar syrup
3. Bring to the boil then simmer for 25 minutes
4. Using a tea strainer remove tea leaves
5. Add water and gelatine to sugar mixture.
6. Using gloves, squeeze the gelatine to dissolve into the mixture
7. Use a fine strainer to remove excess gelatine
[divider]2. Making the cocktail[/divider]
1.     House made Earl Grey foam (make as above)
2.     House infused Earl Grey gin (infused minimum 250ml gin with 1-2 tea bags of Earl Grey tea, leave for 10-15 mins to infuse)
3.     20ml fresh lemon juice
4.     15 ml house made earl grey syrup (boil equal parts sugar and water, and add Earl Grey tea leaves, infused for 10-15 mins, then strain out)
5.     Dash of egg white
Method (shake and strain)
1.     Combine 20ml lemon juice with 15 ml earl grey syrup.
2.     Add 50ml earl grey infused gin.
3.     Add a dash of egg whites.
4.     Dry shake these ingredients (without ice) to ensure the egg whites are properly mixed.
5.     Add ice and shake again (make sure to shake quite a lot, the drink requires a lot of dilution).
6.     Half fill wine glass with cubed ice.
7.     Strain liquid into glass.
8.     Top with Earl Grey foam.
9.     Garnish with a slice of lemon.
Earl Grey Martini-omnomkitchen
method: shake & double strain
glass: wine glass
garnish: lemon slice